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We provide comprehensive planning services to affluent individuals, families, as well as corporate and trustee relationships.


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We start by helping you define and quantify your financial goals and then create a practical, step-by-step plan to help you reach them. 

A Success Story

Read this case study about how we helped a client achieve safety of capital with enough secure investments to provide adequate income.



Our clientele consists of high net worth individuals, families, as well as corporate and trustee relationships.  They are from various walks of life, different ages and have different levels of investment experience.  Yet they share a common mindset: our clients have wealth they want to grow and protect.


We are dedicated to providing our client's with a world-class experience in the management of their wealth by delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns with the highest level of personalized client service.




We move beyond the traditional approach by taking into account all aspects of your financial picture and examining how they work together to form your entire portfolio.


Our unique approach will help simplify the investment landscape and create solutions that integrate your goals while safeguarding and growing your net worth.  We are committed to providing independent unbiased advice, a transparent compensation schedule and working to negotiate the best possible fees on your behalf.





Providing safety of capital and enough secure investments to provide adequate income.


Their Story


A couple in their early 60’s had an offer to buy their farm operation.  For the first time they seriously considered retirement.  Their children were not involved in the farm in any capacity and would not likely return in the future.  They had worked long and hard for many years.  Although not large the farm had provided a good lifestyle and great place to raise their family.   Physically and emotionally they were ready to sell, however, they were worried that if they sold they might not have enough money to last them through retirement.  They had invested somewhat into off farm assets like RRSP’s and Life Insurance but had never had a large lump sum of money to manage and invest.




After taking time to understand their income goals and tolerance for risk and volatility, we recommended a diversified portfolio managed by our Cox Private Wealth Team at reduced fees, for a significant portion of their funds.  The portfolio was set up to provide dividend and interest income sufficient to meet their immediate and long term goals.


Because of their relatively young retirement age and tolerance for market fluctuations they chose a balanced asset allocation initially.  We constantly monitor the advice, performance, reporting and service of the asset managers along with their other assets.  Their remaining assets were allocated to provide liquid capital for emergency and lifestyle needs in guaranteed investments.  This strategy provided stability for the long term and access to capital even if markets were in a downturn.




The portfolio has provided an adequate stable income for over 5 years. Market returns have been above expectations therefore the portfolio has grown significantly from their initial investment.  This has given them the comfort to rebalance their asset allocation to be a bit more conservative while maintaining adequate income.  They also have chosen to take some lump sums to treat their extended family to “dream vacations” which they all shared together.


They say they sleep well at night.  They keep aware of market news but feel comfortable and well positioned to weather the storms that may come just like they did when they were on the farm.



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